Welcome To Kaya Sound!!

You Can Build Better Speakers Than You Can Buy


Welcome to Kaya Sound.  I’m glad you found us. It is dedicated to DIY speaker assembly, building and design.  This site may appeal more to the novice and intermediate in it’s early stages.  I do hope there are a few useful bits in there even for the most experienced DIY speaker enthusiast.  In other words, check back often for new content.


Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of this site is to enable DIY enthusiasts of all ability levels to build the best possible speakers available at any price point.  In that spirit, I hope that the site becomes a collaborative environment with contributions from others.  I’m wide open to ideas for content.  Or, if you would like to contribute to making the site better, just hit me up and let’s have a chat about it!!


What It’s Not

Kaya Sound isn’t the most technical or deepest site out there.  I’m an everyday kind of guy with a love for woodworking and music.  All I’m doing is sharing my experience of starting from ground zero and ending with some awesome DIY speakers while having a lot of fun along the way.