Welcome to Kaya Sound.  I’m glad you found it. It is dedicated to DIY speaker assembly, building and design.  This site may appeal more to the novice and intermediate in it’s early stages.  I do hope there are a few useful bits in there even for the most experienced DIY speaker enthusiast.  In other words, check back often for new content.

This site is dedicated to DIY enthusiasts of all levels.  You know, people with a serious passion for home audio.  That’s all I needed to start.  I had been through the wringer of mass produced speakers and the merry-go-round of amplifiers…always looking for that perfect sound on a reasonable budget.  ‘Couldn’t find it.  So, off I went into the internet and came across something called BassZilla.  What was interesting was that people were building them themselves.

I bought the plans from Dick Olsher.  I am pretty good (not great) with wood and knew nothing about speaker design.  So I enlisted the help of a very serious woodworking friend.  He guided me through the design modifications we made and I handled the drivers and crossovers.  The end product was sublime and I still listen to the first pair we made.

I was hooked.  That experience has turned into a couple of other projects.  Then I got the idea that a site dedicated to assembly, building and design might really help people.  So, here it is.  It’s new and it ain’t perfect by any measure, but it will grow and get better.  Hope to hear from you!!


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