This site is dedicated to DIY enthusiasts of all levels.  You know, people with a serious passion for home audio.  That’s all I needed to start.  I had been through the wringer of mass produced speakers and the merry-go-round of amplifiers…always looking for that perfect sound on a reasonable budget.  ‘Couldn’t find it.

I needed surrounds.  That’s how it all started.  I found a project called “The Baronettes’ on Parts Express and I was off and running…that’s what I was going to build.  Then I ran into an immediate problem.  The cabinets were no longer available.  That sent me down a path of having to figure out the rudiments of how speakers really worked and I was hooked.  Who new so much went in to just assembling speakers?!?  The project was a blast and before you could listen to Dark Side Of The Moon, I had made my first pair of speakers.

That got me wondering about whether there was a site dedicated to helping people take on DIY speaker making.  It turns out there were lots of sites, but not what I was looking for.  I had to go to multiple sites and piece together information on how to do things ranging from glueing up cabinets to laying out crossovers.

That took me to my second project.  It was something a little more ambitious…Dick Olsher’s BassZilla.  This time I had help from a design engineer.  So, we set out to document the whole thing into a kick-ass “How’To” guide.  And that’s where the idea for this site was born.  We realized that our experience could benefit others and we could design some cool speakers while helping others to develop skills at varying levels.

I confess that I have no formal engineering background.  I’m just a guy who loves music, electronics, woodworking, and cool stuff.  This site isn’t perfect.  In all things DIY, there will be different viewpoints.  I say COOL!!  That’s how I learn.

My hope is that this becomes a resources for those who share the same passions I do.  Who knows where it’ll go.

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