The “Assemble” phase of your final product will have to be done whether you buy kit with a finished enclosure or whether you build your own.  That goes for the crossover, too.  Below are tip, tricks & some clever tools that will make this part of you project easier.

“How-To” Videos

If you’re assembling, many kits that are offered will include the crossover components.  But they may not be mounted on anything which means you have to solder them.  Regardless of your skill level, this is a basic skill to have.

Here is another video specific to speaker and binding post tabs.

Okay, so it’s not the greatest video but it does cover the basics.  Be sure you go on to the second video…it’s where the good stuff is!!

This one covers the various types of clamps and their uses.  You can waste a lot of money on these things and this video does a nice job of narrowing it down for you.

Super quick video that show solid placement of bar clamps when glueing up a cabinet or enclosure.

Dadoes make squaring up much easier.  This video shows some tips and tricks about how to clamp and square up an enclosure.

Sanding may look simple, but there is a right was and a wrong way.  Trust me, I’ve screwed this up before.  Pretty good video with a couple of nice tips in it.

Cool Tooling

These are a couple of unique tools that you might need.  There is a comprehensive matrix in the blog.  Check it out!!

Have you ever struggled with clamps when it’s time to assemble a cabinet?  These handy braces are like having an extra pair of hands.  As simple to use as it looks…just clamp them on and your panels will remain perfectly square while you set your larger clamps.  Highly recommended.

This may seem simplistic. but Velcro in the industrial strength variety is perfect for mounting crossover boards.  It is available at the big box stores or at Amazon.

Another invaluable tool.  Don’t have enough clamps?  No problem.  This pneumatic pin nailer will hold MDF together like a champ.  The pins are so small that the hole is almost invisible.  Use it in conjunction with your wood glue to make the tightest, most rigid enclosures possible…all with no vibration!  I use these all the time.

A good set of precision rulers is indispensable.  I’m glad that I didn’t skimp on these because you can measure to 32nd or 64th of an inch.  Super important!

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