The “Build” level adds on the skills covered in the Assemble phase.  I found that (so far) most of the topics covered below are centered around woodworking.  There are tons of great plans out there that will require you to build your own enclosure.  You’ll find that info below!

“How-To” Videos

The Jasper Jig.  One of the first tools that I bought.  Very simple to set up and learn and is excellent for flush mounting your drivers.

Have you ever struggled with cutting large panels of plywood?  This video shows you how to build your own rip fence.  I made a 4′ and an 8′ because they are super handy!

Good video on using a router for making dadoes.

Another good video on dadoes using a table saw.

How to square up your enclosure so you don’t wind up with that front panel that doesn’t quite line up.  I had to learn this one the hard way.  Also shows clamping for the glue-up.

If you go with veneer or hardwood, you’ll likely want to apply stain.  It’s pretty simple but worth a little education beforehand.

Cool Tooling

A massive hand router is not always needed for DIY speaker building. Not only do we use these $100 beauties for veneer trimming, they’re plenty powerful for routing rabbets and dadoes. And, they are much less unruly. Sure, you have to set up the depth manually, but (to us) it is a good trade-off. We use the Bosch Colt.

I keep a couple of these around.  I have 20, 40, and 100 wpc amps.  They’re pretty cheap.  Again, don’t go nuts.  All you really need is an amp that will produce test signals in the 70-72db range so you can get accurate readings.

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