Basic Crossover Components Videos

Crossover Overview Video

This guy is a lot of fun to watch and he explains crossovers in a way that newcomers to design work will easily understand.  Kirby has a nice site at and I encourage you to check it out.

DATS Video

DATS is very fast when it comes to measuring T/S parameters.  It’s not free but is totally worth it.  From is you can get your .ZMA file that you’ll need for Xsim.  Skip the first 2:00 of this video…it’s about installing the software on Windows 7

Omnimic Videos

These aren’t the greatest videos when it comes to showing all of the features of Omnimic.  Specifically, I can’t find a video that show how to generate FRD files.  It’s one of many features of this great product.  And, you’ll have the other file you need for Xsim.  Maybe that’ll go on my “to-do” list.

Xsim Video

This is a cool video.  Xsim is awesome…and free!!  Be ready to hit the pause button A LOT if you follow along as you design your crossover.  This guy really knows how to use Xsim and moves quickly.  But, he very nicely covers everything you need to know to design a crossover.

WinISD Videos

These are a good place to start.  WinISD is FREE and pretty powerful.

Cool Tooling

Yes, this requires some space.  And yes, if you are going to test speakers and derive FRD and ZMA files to use for crossover design, you’ll need some manner to mount the drivers to take readings.  I’m about to build one to the IEC spec, so check back for a “How-To” guide coming soon.

No need to go nuts here.  I bought one at Guitar Center for $30 and it works fine.  You’re just looking for a telescoping variety that will hold your measurement mic still at various heights.  Keep it simple.

This LCR meter can test any of your crossover components.  I find it particularly useful if you need to unwind an inductor to reach a value that is not available for sale off-the-shelf.  I use the DER DE-5000 although there is a new version of it.

You’re SPL meter is useful for several reasons.  If you are testing drivers and speakers, it is an imperative.  Dialing is you sound pressure levels to about 72db will yield excellent results.  A must have IMHO.

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